Rates & Insurance

At Keys to Hope, we follow the Psychologist Association of Alberta's recommended fee schedule for psychological services.

Service Per 50 Minute Session

Longer sessions can be requested at 15 minute intervals at an additional cost

  • Individual Counselling or Assessment

  • Family Therapy or Assessment

  • Couples Counselling or Assessment

*Session rates may vary depending on the practitioner

  • Fact Witness Testimony
    (half day minimum fee)

  • Fact Witness Testimony
    (full day minimum fee)

  • Consultation/Corporate Services
    (half day)

  • Consultation/Corporate Services
    (full day)

What about benefits? How do I know if my benefits cover the practitioner I'd like to see?

Benefits & Coverage

    • Payment is due at time of session via cash, credit, e-transfer, or direct billing.



    • Benefits coverage can vary. It is recommended that you contact your benefits provider prior to booking​.



    • If you are looking to use your benefits to cover the cost of your session, Keys to Hope Counselling Services direct bills to Blue Cross, ASEBP, Medi-Vie, Eclaims, & Green Shield.



Don't see what you're looking for?

Have questions about using your benefits?

Please contact our office for further assistance.

Our team is always more than happy to help you find the service that will best benefit you. 

Alberta is located on Treaty territory traditional lands – a traditional gathering place for diverse indigenous peoples whose histories, languages, & cultures are an influential aspect of our community in Medicine Hat and area.

Keys to Hope Counselling Services is committed to ensuring that the spirit of all Treaties are honoured and respected.


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    Keys To Hope Counselling Services, Medicine Hat, Alberta
    Keys To Hope Counselling Services, Medicine Hat, Alberta

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